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All Black Outfit with H&M Patent Pants & Fur Coat

Fur coat Passo Di Moda, pants H&M, ankle boots Primadonna Collection, bucket bag Zara, The Smith rings from Jenny Bird
Here’s another winter (cold spring) outfit I wanted to share with you. It was shot back in December while I was still in Belgrade, Serbia. It is still relevant now considering how cold March has been it seems everywhere. Well, at least North America and Europe.
It’s a monochromatic outfit I rocked for a day of exploring the city of Belgrade. I love this city. I lived here for several years before moving to Canada, and one of the must do things for me (or anyone visiting it) is to walk around fortress of Kalemegdan. It’s a peaceful and fun walk. It’s a go to place for locals, especially on weekends. You can stop by to visit the beautiful church of Saint Petka. I snapped a few pictures of it but my pictures don’t give it justice. It’s a small but beautiful church nestled in Kalemegdan fortress on the side facing Danube and Sava rivers. Just google the church and yo…

Bouclé Red Teddy Coat

OTK boots (similar), sweatshirt/dress H&M, coat Koton, handbag Zara (same bag Ebay & similar)
Hello darlings, here I am again after a 3 month absence. If you follow me on my Instagram account, you know I have a good excuse. I’m 4 months pregnant and just got over my first trimester. Those of you who have been pregnant know how tiring the first trimester can be. On top of that, I’m expecting twins, two girls!!!! So I guess I can say I was double tired hehehehe. I still owe you more outfits & posts from Italy and Serbia from last fall, but before I go back to that, let me share a few outfits which are more appropriate for the current winter/spring weather. I shot both this outfit and the one I will share with you in the next post during my first month of pregnancy before the exhaustion kicked in, but I never got to post them on the blog. Today is all about this teddy red coat. The brand is Koton and it was only $80. It is really soft and cozy and I’ve gotten a lot of complim…

With Love From Venice (Plus 2 Outfits)

First Outfit: Jeans Topshop, jacket Mango, sandals YSL, bag unknown Second outfit: Sweater Chloe, skirt & sweatshirt H&M, boots Aldo, bag unknown
Today I share more pictures of the beautiful Venice, Italy and on top of that, two outfits. These outfits I wore first and last day of our trip in Italy. Can you tell how much the weather has changed between when we first arrived in Venice in October and one month later, when we stoped for one more day in this city, before heading home to Belgrade? First outfit is total denim outfit, also known as Canadian Tuxedo. I paired it with very comfy YSL sandals I had gotten as a gift from my cousin (they were actually a gift for her but were too small for her, so I was the lucky girl who ended up with them!). It was a beautiful and warm autumn day, so this outfit was just fitting. On the last day in Italy and our last day in Venice, it was much cooler. I didn’t have a coat with me so I opted for a layered outfit. I wore my old H&M skirt …

How Many Days is Enough to Spend in Venice (& Can You Wear Heels)?

Jacket Mango, shirt dress Banana Republic (old), boots Ebay
When we decided to embark on a road trip through Italy, we had no specific plan. We picked locations we wanted to see but had no limit on how long we’d stay in each place. That’s the fun of travelling in a camper. You stay as long or as short as you want. We also visited a few places we hadn’t even heard about or planned to visit. I highly recommend not using highways when travelling through Italy. Not just Italy, any country. When you choose highways, you can’t get surprised on your trip. You will only go from point A to point B without any chance of stumbling upon a village or a medieval town you hadn’t originally planned to visit. Yes, the drive may be longer (at times, but not always) but you will get to see the country, not just the cities. Explore! Enjoy!
Our first stop was beautiful Venice. It’s only 7 hours from Belgrade or hours from Rovinj, which was our previous stop. We arrived at night, so we waited till the next…